La COMED favorisce e promuove progetti di ricerca nel campo etico della disabilità. Per maggiori informazioni e proposte di collaborazione:

Progetti di ricerca in corso

The Need for Phenomenological Studies on Applied Ethics of Disability: Call for Papers and Action Research Announcement
Michele Corengia, Roberto Malacrida, Federica Merlo

This theoretical paper wants to call for phenomenological studies on the applied ethics of disability, taking into consideration the contextual, micro peculiarities of disability experiences in healthcare. Moreover, it announces the launch of an action research, which will lead to the generation of theoretical knowledge as well as practical recommendations to improve the care of people with disabilities.

Developing guidelines on ethical decision making in pediatric patients with severe damage of consciousness.
Federica Merlo, Marta Fadda, Roberto Malacrida

The goal of this project is to develop new guidelines that are specifically aimed at supporting clinicians and family members when they have to make ethical decisions in pediatric patients with severe damage of consciousness.